Money in Politics

Large corporations and the wealthy have too much influence on our political system. We have to pull the power back from their campaign donors and give it back to the people. I support campaign finance reform.

Free & Fair Elections

Elections must be free of the influence of money, and fair for all voters. I will fight against Crosscheck, which falsely flagged over 1 million voters to be purged from the voter rolls. I will fight against any effort to disenfranchise voters, and will support legislation which makes voting easier and gives each voter their rightful vote.

Election Security

Any possibility of tampering of our election process undermines the trust that we have in our democracy. I support the U.S. Government’s decision to classify election systems as “critical infrastructure”, but we need to do more. I will press our Government to continue to invest in more secure voting systems and fund research into how best to secure our elections. Cybersecurity is a complex topic that is often misunderstood by Congresspeople, and I am already working with experts based here in New Mexico to solve these issues.