Policies & Ideals

Great Practical Ideas With or Without Single Payer

I’m for single-payer healthcare via Medicare for All, and I will fight for that. But there’s so much more to good healthcare than good insurance. Plus, with only 8 Republican Senators up for re-election in 2018, Democrats won’t get a filibuster-proof majority, much less a veto-proof majority that can successfully force a radical switch to single-payer. Democrats need other ideas that can improve care under all types of insurance, and my ideas below will work in a Medicare-for-All, ACA or any other healthcare system.

Compatible Electronic Health Records

Doctors waste time with health records that come from different places. A compatible format means they spend more time and resources on patients.

Stopping The Opioid Crisis

Providing doctors with continuing education and the
latest research and strategies to deal with pain management can stem the tide of the opioid epidemic.

Combating the Physician Shortage

The cost of medical school pressures doctors out of general practice where we need them. Giving more lower-interest federal loans to physicians mean we train more doctors with less debt.

Equitable Policies

The minimum wage doesn’t meet workers’ minimum needs, and we need to raise it. Further, I intend to repeal the massive tax giveaways to the ultra-wealthy just passed by the Republican party and get them paying their fair share. I see a path to grow the economy by doing the one thing both parties can agree on – investing in maintaining and expanding our nation’s infrastructure. I believe that people should be allowed to organize into unions, and that organized corporations should not count as people.

Support for DACA, DAPA, and TPS

Using federal funds to arrest Dreamers, break up families, and terrorize communities is not only cruel, but a wasteful application of funds.

The first Heitner in my family to reach the U.S. got here illegally from Austria-Hungary during WWI by learning English, tattooing an American flag on his back, and convincing crew-members on U.S. naval ship that he was already an American immigrant and needed a ride home. Except for the pueblo peoples, and those latinx families that didn’t cross the border but had the border cross them, we’re all immigrants here.

Living Wages for Workers

Adjusting minimum wage based on local cost of living indexes for the diverse economies across New Mexico. We need to make smart decisions about how we implement living wages so we don’t hurt the people we’re trying to help.

Tax Reform

Middle-class Americans received a temporary minuscule tax break the same time that corporations and the wealthy got permanent massive cuts. It’s time to rollback the tax cuts for the wealth and corporations and implement a fair taxation.

Free & Fair Elections

Americans deserve a system where voters choose their congresspeople via voting, rather than one where congresspeople choose their voters via gerrymandering districts. Americans deserve elections where they know their vote counted and wasn’t hacked by foreign powers.


Crime & Justice

Anyone worried about “rapists and murderers” shouldn’t spend billions building a racist wall. They should fund testing this country’s huge backlog of untested rape kits. They should also realize that over 50% of murder victims are killed by someone they know, with roughly a full quarter by a family member. Responding to that fact includes a focus on proper response to domestic violence calls, which is the number one call to police in New Mexico. And no police enforcement agency should be wasting resources fighting a war on pot that’s been about as popular and successful as Prohibition was, and which has been so unequally enforced across races and economic brackets as to clearly violate the 14th Amendment.